What Program do we Follow to get our Results with Horses?

Extraordinary Results

We get asked this and follow-on questions quite often.

So we decided to put together this post based upon the topics we find people want to talk about

Many different programs to choose from

The question of ‘which program’ comes as no real surprise when you look at how many different ones there are to choose from, each one having its own marketing message and personality.

And of course, each one tells us that it is uniquely positioned to be the best and only solution we will ever need for our challenges and dreams with horses.

Most programs also require a sizeable chunk of our bank balance, our trust, plus our time and effort to find out whether their marketing matches reality and whether the personality of the program is compatible with our own and our horse’s.

All things considered, making an informed choice is not easy and experimentation can be costly.

Our choice of program?  Answer: Our own (…drawing upon many sources)

When we get asked the question “What program do we follow to get our extraordinary results with horses? “ people tend to be surprised by the answer “...our own one”.

The surprise is usually based on an expectation that we follow one of the well-known branded off-the-shelf packaged programs.

After the surprise comes curiosity.

The curiosity and interest tends to grow when we say that we draw from several sources.

Curiosity increases even more when we explain the sources are not just from the horsemanship world but also from the realm of leadership as taught and practiced in corporate, team and personal development.

Finally, we always make it clear that it is a continuous dynamic journey of discovery, not only in terms of exploring new sources of learning but also in adapting what we have learnt to different scenarios.

Follow on questions – explanation, sources and accessibility

The follow-on questions tend to be:

  • Requests for more explanation on what we mean and our sources of information, (which horse-people / programs, etc.).
  • Which elements of which program, what are our preferences for what activities?
  • Do we share what we have learnt?
  • Can the knowledge benefit others regardless of what program they are, or are not, following?

We 'll be covering these questions and much more in future posts.

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