Trialing the Flexi-Stick

Flexi Stick

A Useful Alternative to a Traditional Stick and String?

We have been trying out this alternative to the traditional rigid stick that is usually seen used in natural horsemanship.

The flexi-stick is a lot lighter and can be adjusted to any length needed for a particular exercise or activity.

A bonus is that it can’t be used to slap your horse, which is a definite plus if you are still developing your emotional fitness.

The flexi-stick we are trialing extends over a range of about 0.25m to 1.75m.

Flexi Stick Extended

There is also a slightly smaller version available that has a range of about 0.20m to 1.25m.

A clip on the end of the stick allows easy attachment of a flag, which is available as an extra.

With the clip, it would be easy to attach a lightweight string if wanted.  We can’t think of a reason why a string would be necessary, but fitting one would be simple.

The lightness and adjustability of the stick is also helpful for use by children and versatility while riding.

And of course the flexi-stick has the benefit of being a lot easier to pack up and carry, taking up a lot less space when not extended.

We still have our old sticks and strings that we will continue to use from time to time, but the flexi-stick gives us a lot of range and we can incrementally reduce its size until we are down to just body language for our communication.

We will be continuing to evaluate the flexi-stick with different horses and scenarios over the coming months.

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