Sharing Education and Experience

Sharing Info

A growing repository of education and training resources

As we work and play with each horse we keep a detailed record of what we do - what worked and what didn’t.

The result is a large repository of education and training resources that grows with each learning experience, whether gained directly with our own horses, while helping others, or when observing other practitioners.

Sharing and helping others

Apart from the practical experiences and the information in our heads, we also capture as much information as possible in the form of notes, photos, and video footage.

This knowledgebase is a resource that we continue to grow, refer to, and share with others that are interested, either digitally or in person.

Some people have found support to the specific program they are following, others have had particular problems they were trying to overcome independent of following any program, and some people have just been interested to learn.

Making it useful

Re-purposing our information so that it can be shared in a useful way can be a challenge.

But as more people ask us, we have been looking into different options.  There are a few ideas that we are exploring and that people have shown an interest in

We will be continuing with this and gathering more feedback to help determine viability and our best options for progressing.

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