Preparing to Restart our Veteran Horse

First Impression - Breeze

First Impressions

Breeze is our veteran horse that we are getting ready to restart.

She has spent  several years just dozing in the fields with her friends and getting over some major illness.

We spent a little time just hanging out with Breeze, getting a feel for where she is at, and how receptive she is to start making a connection.

This was a relaxed period of assessment before we do anything more structured with her that helps us decide our approach.

The Assessment

With Breeze this meant checking out what she remembered, how the communication was, and how she felt about reintroducing the fun and games of learning again.

It went pretty much as expected.

The communication was still understood but often ignored unless the volume was raised.

The flexibility was replaced with stiffness and brace.

But the curiosity, playfulness, and the willingness to accept basic impositions prior to establishing leadership were in tact.

Intelligent, Aware And Demanding Leadership Credentials

Breeze is a very intelligent and aware horse that demands your leadership credentials are up to scratch before she will hand over authority and follow.

And its not a one time deal, she constantly checks those credentials remain current.

She knows many communication cues and is extremely light as long as she has granted you the leadership role.

In all cases, Breeze expects politeness and lets you know if you are being disrespectful.

Presses Boundaries

Breeze is very good at gauging your level generally and in the moment, she then likes to press the boundaries of your competence.

It's not done offensively, it's more her way of developing you.

It's not always easy to tell who is bringing who on!

This is a gift if you want to continually develop....or could be a frustrating challenge if you want to settle where you are and just take it easy.

Motivation And Connection

The challenge is to motivate her while covering old ground and re-establishing finer communication and leadership.


Breeze is a horse that takes pride in stretching you, but meet the challenge she sets and she will perform her best for you.

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  1. pearl on 6th November 2015 at 3:38 pm

    So lovely to hear what you have to say about Breeze and the future she still has ahead of her

    • Rhys on 9th November 2015 at 1:06 pm

      Hi Pearl – Pleased you liked the post, more to follow as we continue our journey with Breeze

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