Meet Rhys

Enrolled as lifetime student of the horse in mid 90’s.

Making steady progress, thanks to the expertise and patience of his teachers.

Combining supplementary leadership studies has greatly improved his prospects for reaching higher-levels.



Meet Breeze

Specialist in developing student ability to lead the intelligent, self-dependent personality.

These personalities regularly question and challenge leadership qualifications before giving commitment and engagement.

She focuses on identifying student boundaries, then stretching their comfort zones to develop greater leadership capability.

Quick to reward a student who tries, but equally believes in honest feedback when a student chooses to lack respect, authenticity, or congruence in their efforts.


Meet Topaz

Specialist in developing student ability to lead the solid, reliable personality.

These personalities need a lot of motivation to extend out of their comfortable easy zone to give their best and achieve their potential.

She focuses on developing student motivational skills, patience, and perseverance.

She does this by challenging them to determine the mindset and motivators of others, and then to identify how they can be applied to create willing engagement without resistance.

Likes to expose deficiencies in emotional fitness through mirroring emotion with emotion, escalating as appropriate.


Meet Jade

Specialist in developing student ability to lead the sceptical, distrusting, fear of failure, fight before flight personality.

These personalities have suffered bad leadership in the past and now have low self-confidence together with difficulties controlling emotions and with social interactions.

She focuses on developing student awareness and empathy, together with living in ‘the now’ to overcome personality issues.

She does this through teaching establishment of engagement, can-do, want-to, and willing to try attitudes, without fear of critical consequence.

Believes in ‘tough learning’ with severe penalties for not paying attention in class.



Meet Tigs

Delivers speed, agility, and constant awareness.

She is the eyes and ears of the team.

Bit of a worrier though.

Pest Control

On Site Team


Meet Smokey

Resident pest controller.

Talks a lot but very effective at his job.

Being feral he can be a bit unpredictable and volatile.

I have forgiven him for tearing my face open a couple of years ago.


Meet Tramp

Originally a volunteer, but now a permanent member of the team.

Young and enthusiastic with a friendly disposition.

Base Team


Meet Winston

Veteran base team member.

Proficient in vermin control.

Also keeps the Security Team in check whenever he feels necessary.

(Rose) Bud

Meet Bud

Originally born and lived on site but found progress was limited.

Mainly due to her pretty looks preventing her from being taken seriously for stealth and outdoor work (not to mention the time needed to keep her hair looking tidy).

She is now part of the Base Team being trained by Winston, making steady progress and new friends.

In Memoriam


Meet Kia

Sadly missed, but never forgotten.

An original member of the team.
Remembered for her heavy weight muscle, effective deterrent and loud voice.

But always the big softie when off the job.