Meet our Confident Horse for Bringing On

Introducing Topaz

Introducing Topaz

This is Topaz, she’s an 11 yr old Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred that we are going to be bringing on.

She is a confident, calm horse, but lazy and not very motivated to put effort into anything other than eating and doing amazing high-legged, twisting bucks around the field.

Topaz is also full sister to Jade, who is featured in our starting horse project.

Topaz has a good foundation to work from in bringing her on.

With her personality, breeding and previous handling, Topaz should be a dream horse if we can energise her without losing any of her good nature.

Here is some more about Topaz’s past....

Early Life

Topaz was brought up with her sister Jade and the two have a very strong bond.

Despite this, Topaz was always good and calm when separated for short periods for schooling.

Enforced Separation

Trouble came to Topaz when moved to a yard that enforced sudden and full separation from her sister, supposedly for her own good.

Placed in a new herd of big horses, Topaz was picked on and driven through a fence out of the field
This resulted in multiple lacerations to all legs and weeks of box rest recovery.

After 3 months, Topaz was allowed back with her sister, Jade.

Growing Confidence Just By Being There

Topaz received little schooling due to priority on her sister Jade’s issues.

Despite this, her owner always seemed to manage to be around when Topaz needed her.

Topaz was never given any reason to distrust people whilst also being given opportunities to grow her confidence.

The result was a well-balanced, calm, confident natured horse willing to accept and try new scenarios.

Impact Of Good Handling

This is a stark contrast to her full sister Jade, and demonstrates the early handling influence on a horse’s personality.

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