Meet our Challenging Horse for Starting

Introducing Jade

Introducing Jade

This is Jade, she’s a 12yr old Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred that we are going to be starting.

She has some serious issues that have caused everyone else to give up on her, so we are her last chance.

She is registered with the AQHA and comes from cutting horse blood lines so should have lots of potential….if we can get her past her troubles and survive to tell the tale.

Jade is full sister to Topaz who is another of our projects.

Interestingly, Topaz’s different start in life produced a completely different personality horse.

Just goes to show how people are responsible for most of the problems that occur.

I wanted to give her a chance.

I believe that there is a needy, misunderstood perfect horse in Jade somewhere.

She deserves the opportunity to come out, feel safe, and show people it’s possible to change.

If we are successful she has the potential to be a very special horse.

Here’s some of Jade’s history.

Early Handling

Jade is believed to have had a troubled start in life, experiencing critical and aggressive handling that established an unpredictable fear and fight response.

Accidents And Mishandling

To make things worse Jade was also victim of some unfortunate accidents and mishandling.

Jade went to a yard that enforced separation from her sister, causing unnecessary anxiety.

Shortly after, she managed to get herself stuck in sheep gate, cutting her leg very badly followed by infection.

The result was 3 months box rest, where she quickly went stir crazy and was sedated most days.

On being let out, she went mad, got lame, and got herself back on box rest.

Allowed back with her sister Jade managed to calm a bit.  But now she seemed unsettled with the yard itself.

This turned out to be justified.

When it was dark and Jade was tied up, an inconsiderate tractor driver chose to sweep the yard.

The vulnerable Jade was caused to panic and flip over backwards while tied.

In another incident Jade was accidentally allowed to escape from her field, nearly ending up on a busy road.

After this, Jade was moved to another yard for her own wellbeing.


Again, Jade settled a little but not properly.

Sent off for ‘starting’, after a week Jade was returned as ‘not ready’.

Jade still wasn’t settling, and after an encounter with the yard’s dogs that resulted in Jade’s owner’s child getting bitten, she was moved to another yard.

Jade still couldn’t settle and her stress meant she couldn’t keep any weight on.


She was a mess mentally and ended up living out with a group of polo ponies 24/7 for several months.

At one point Jade was offered to a western riding professional.

He said she was a lovely pony but despite her being fully papered he didn’t want her.

Others also turned her down

Nobody wanted, or felt able, to take on Jade.

We have become her last chance.

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  1. pearl on 6th November 2015 at 3:29 pm

    So wonderful that you are giving Jade the chance that she needs

    • Rhys on 9th November 2015 at 1:14 pm

      Hi Pearl
      We believe Jade will respond well given the chance
      Like most horses that are labelled as trouble, she just needs a little help to bring out her real self
      We will be posting regular updates on what we are doing and her progress

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