Celebrating Kia

Kia playing

We rescued Kia from an abusive background and a death sentence when she was just 2 years old

Her owners had acquired Kia with the intention of creating an aggressive Rottweiler for their needs
But despite their efforts to provoke through isolation and beatings, Kia refused to turn nasty

Failing to meet expectations Kia was due to be discarded and dumped within 24hrs

We couldn’t let this happen and made a decision to take Kia off their hands and give her a chance of life

Taking her home was a pitiful sight
This big Rottie was so terrified she walked down the drive away from her place of torture cowering as low as she could on her belly

Arriving at her new home with us, Kia was allowed to find herself a safe place on the sofa
She slept there for two days solid, only moving for food and toilet

We didn’t really know what to expect of Kia after what she had been through, but gradually she learnt to trust
Kia found that she wasn’t going to be hurt or threatened anymore and went on to become one most soft and amazing Rottie

She became a big cuddly bear, good with children, other dogs, and adults (as long as they weren’t dressed in the torture gear of leathers and bike helmet) – an eternal puppy in play and with toys
Kia was a member of our family for eight years

The loss of Kia was sudden and unexpected after a very short illness
An initially positive prognosis was discovered to be incorrect while Kia was on the operating table
We had to decide to let her go while under the anaesthetic

We are glad Kia didn’t suffer for any length of time, but we are very sad and heartbroken that she has gone from our lives

Kia was much loved by everyone and we celebrate her life sharing some pictures

God bless you Kia….

Kia portrait
Kia drinking
KIa dozing
Kia Running
Kia laying

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  1. Claire on 17th April 2016 at 2:32 pm

    I had a rottie and she was the best dog I ever owned, I miss her a lot too, so sorry for your loss x x

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