Restarting a Veteran Horse

Restarting with Liberty

Wanting to be close

Building the Foundation – Breeze is our veteran horse being restarted after a long period of inactivity She has spent a long time just lazing in fields with her buddies…Our aim now is to rebuild her physical and mental fitness as a foundation for getting back into the advanced stuff she used to do. Liberty exercises, and later…

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Preparing to Restart our Veteran Horse

First Impression - Breeze

First Impressions – Breeze is our veteran horse that we are getting ready to restart. She has spent several years just dozing in the fields with her friends and getting over some major illness. We spent a little time just hanging out with Breeze, getting a feel for where she is at, and how…

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Meet our Veteran Horse for Restarting

Introducing Breeze

Introducing Breeze – This is Breeze, she’s a 20 yr old Appaloosa x Thoroughbred that we are planning to restart after a long lay-off. She has spent several years not doing very much at all, except grazing in a field and getting rather opinionated about life. Having said that, Breeze can…

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