Confidence and Leadership

Choosing to Connect

Confidence and our leadership has to be the horse’s choice – You can’t demand a horse (or a person for that matter) to be confident and trust you. If it is to mean anything, it has to be a choice. This means pacing things for the horse that you are dealing with.
It’s always the horse that sets the pace,…

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Searching for Relaxation

Searching for Relaxation

A lot of horses don’t understand that they have the option for relaxation – If they did, they would seek it out as a place that is nice to visit and stay whenever possible. Instead, many horses believe they have to take the lead role in looking after themselves. It’s not a role they want, its stressful, but they are not seeing any alternative…

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Restarting with Liberty

Wanting to be close

Building the Foundation – Breeze is our veteran horse being restarted after a long period of inactivity She has spent a long time just lazing in fields with her buddies…Our aim now is to rebuild her physical and mental fitness as a foundation for getting back into the advanced stuff she used to do. Liberty exercises, and later…

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Getting an Anxious Horse to Relax and Connect

Finding confidence and trust

Giving the gift of confidence – One of the most rewarding things is to be able to give the gift of confidence to a worried horse. All too often a sensitive or poorly started horse is cast off with a label of being untrainable or unsuitable. But more often than not, all they need is some…

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Preparing to Start our Challenging Horse

First Impression - Jade

First Impressions – Jade is the challenging horse that we are getting ready to start. Like the other horses that we are preparing to work with, Jade has had a long period not doing anything other than scaring people and finding things to get upset about…

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Preparing to Restart our Veteran Horse

First Impression - Breeze

First Impressions – Breeze is our veteran horse that we are getting ready to restart. She has spent several years just dozing in the fields with her friends and getting over some major illness. We spent a little time just hanging out with Breeze, getting a feel for where she is at, and how…

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Preparing to Bring On our Confident but Lazy Horse

First Impression - Topaz

A Confident Horse: Opportunity And Challenge – We all want a confident horse, but when confidence is coupled with a lack of interest or just plain laziness it can present challenges as well as opportunities for how we approach things. The last thing we want to do is…

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Meet our Confident Horse for Bringing On

Introducing Topaz

Introducing Topaz – This is Topaz, she’s an 11 yr old Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred that we are going to be bringing on. She is a confident, calm horse, but lazy and not very motivated to put effort into anything other than eating and doing amazing high-legged…

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Meet our Challenging Horse for Starting

Introducing Jade

Introducing Jade – This is Jade, she’s a 12yr old Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred that we are going to be starting. She has some serious issues that have caused everyone else to give up on her, so we are her last chance. She is registered with the AQHA and comes from…

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Meet our Veteran Horse for Restarting

Introducing Breeze

Introducing Breeze – This is Breeze, she’s a 20 yr old Appaloosa x Thoroughbred that we are planning to restart after a long lay-off. She has spent several years not doing very much at all, except grazing in a field and getting rather opinionated about life. Having said that, Breeze can…

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