Combining Horsemanship and Leadership


Combining horsemanship and leadership – Condensing our approach to horsemanship and leadership into a few simple paragraphs is difficult Not only is each subject broad in itself, but the relationship and integration between the two is also important Lets begin with some thought to the scope of…

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Emotional Fitness and Self-Mastery

Emotional Fitness

Emotional fitness – more than self-control – When it comes to being around horses, emotional fitness is often talked about in terms of self-control and keeping your emotions in check The idea is that the horse is very tuned into our emotions and will tend to mirror them We can’t fool the horse by…

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Commitment to the Horse

Mutual Feel

Regardless of the source of influence, there is one common and unwavering commitment that we bind ourselves by…that whatever we do, we want to do it with feel and respect for the horse. The horse’s interests and needs come first. The horse is not put at risk. The horse ends up in a better state than when we started – physically…

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Horsemanship Gold in Many Places

Positive Attitude

Should you follow just one program? Some people will say so…but we have found no necessity or benefit long-term It is not uncommon for the different program owners and their affiliates to advise students that they should follow their program in isolation. For some it’s a near religious declaration The reasons typically given are that…

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Sharing Education and Experience

Sharing Info

A growing repository of education and training resources – As we work and play with each horse we keep a detailed record of what we do – what worked and what didn’t The result is a large repository of education and training resources that grows with each learning experience, whether gained directly with our own horses,…

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Getting Leadership Right

Getting Leadership Right

Removing pressure is not a reward for your horse – Its common teaching and practice to apply pressure to a horse to encourage them to do whatever it is that you have in mind they should be doing You start off soft, increasing the pressure as necessary to help the horse understand that they should be…

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Making your Idea your Horse’s Idea

Sharing ideas without pressure

Why getting your horse to give into pressure isn’t really ‘making your idea their idea’ – Trying to make your idea your horse’s idea through pressure doesn’t make sense. “Making your idea your horse’s idea” is another phrase I often hear simply recited without…

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Using Pressure with your Horse Positively

Pressure - Guiding the dance

Why simply increasing pressure to convince your horse to do what you want is just enforcing submission and not establishing positive leadership. Increasing pressure establishes submission and compliance, not leadership…

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Be a Leader not a Boss to your Horse

Leader not Boss

Which type of relationship and control do you want to have with your horse, a Leader or a Boss? – Would you rather have a Boss or a Leader? I should start off with some clarification on how I differentiate Boss and Leader. It is popular in the corporate and business world…

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Natural Feeding for Horses – Book Review

Natural Feeding Book Cover

We don’t often have time to take on requests for product reviews, but when asked to do one for the book Natural Feeding for Horses by Alexandra Wesker MSc, we decided to make room in our schedule. The book was published…

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