Together with Breeze

For the Love of Horses

Horses are amazing animals that captivate the hearts and minds of people.
And many years ago, we chose to pursue our dream life with horses.
Decades later the feelings and emotions they evoke remain undiminished.

Relationship is central to everything we do.
We listen to the horse and respond to their individual needs.
Establishing common language, gaining trust, and growing confidence.
Co-operation and ‘try’ is inspired through active servant leadership.

Together with the horse, we go on a journey of discovery.
Revealing the hidden horse within, the perfect horse we already have.

We Believe

Every horse is born with the seeds of potential.
Should be treated as an individual, with dignity and compassion.
And is a product of genetics and accrued experiences.

At any point in time, each horse will have its own unique starting place.
We need to recognise what this place is without prejudice or judgement.
And then determine the next leg of our journey towards our perfect horse.

Different people and their horses will have different destinations.
Discovery of the paths that need to be taken will be iterative and incremental.

Journeys will vary and destinations may change.
But, with patience, observation, and effort, a way to move forward will be found.

From Our Journey to Yours

Over the years people have consistently commented on our horses and asked how the relationship and enthusiastic partnership is achieved.

We have always provided support to anyone who sought us out asking for help, sometimes travelling hundreds of miles in response to requests.
But proactively sharing, promoting, or teaching wasn’t something we had given thought to as part of our journey with horses – who would be interested?

It turns out that this perception was wrong.
There has been an increasing interest in what we do, either as an alternative to the mass-market programs or as a complementary source of information.

Just providing information would not meet the need that we are seeing.
A combination of education, inspiration and coaching is required.

Our focus is on helping the horse and human have a relationship that is confident, trusting and fulfilling for both.

We wanted more people to have the option of another way.
To learn to live their dreams, not just to complete a course.
To be able to experience the results we have.

If this resonates with you…
We would love you to join us.

Take a look around the site and learn more about what we have to offer.
Leave feedback, say hi, let us know what you think, tell us what you are looking for.

Thank you for stopping by.
We hope to see you again.

Born Again Horseman