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Developing the ability to talk & bond with your horse

Learning body language, energy, and feel provides the opportunity to share a rich vocabulary and meaningful conversation

When coupled with a knowledge of the psychology of your horse, the capability for mutual understanding and dialogue represents a basis for developing a wonderful relationship

Discover the Perfect Horse - COMMUNICATION


Gaining trust and togetherness with your horse

Becoming fully aware, present, and authentic gives you the foundation for growing as a trustworthy friend and caring leader for your horse

Perceiving the horse that is present with you at any moment in time, and choosing to respond with informed emotional intelligence, opens a path to mutual closeness, understanding & value

Discover the Perfect Horse - RELATIONSHIP


Becoming the leader your horse chooses to follow

Inspiring and influencing your horse into identifying you as a true leader instead of just a boss who uses pressure and domination to get their way

This corresponds to the experienced lead mare that a herd would naturally aspire to follow because they see value in being close to her, rather than the alpha stallion that drives them to compliance

Discover the Perfect Horse - LEADERSHIP


Growing confidence to handle all scenarios

Consistency in the quality of your relationship and leadership builds a universal trust and confidence in your judgement without sacrificing sensitivity and awareness

When you establish confidence in your partnership rather than a reliance on desensitisation, then your horse will look to you for guidance and assurance in all challenging situations

Discover the Perfect Horse - CONFIDENCE


Achieving physical and mental relaxation for engagement

Establishing relaxation in the mind and body releases tension and stiffness whilst creating an environment for effective learning

Communication, trust and leadership provide the tools for introducing progressive education where the horse can feel safe and confident to try new things

Discover the Perfect Horse - RELAXATION


Finding internal and external balance for strength and agility

Physical, mental, and emotional balance in both horse and rider makes way for everything to happen with lightness and ease, progressing to self-carriage

Learning to be balanced involves the whole being, it requires mutual trust and confidence, together with the development of fitness in each inter-related area

Discover the Perfect Horse - BALANCE


Obtaining lightness for effortless control

Communication, leadership, and balance facilitate the horse to understand requests, willingly respond, and athletically offer a try

With practice, physical and mental lightness delivers precise power steering, providing control and comfort for both horse and rider

Discover the Perfect Horse - LIGHTNESS


Attaining stronger connection and awareness

Evolving the levels of communication, leadership, and lightness brings about increased connection with both the mind and body of your horse

Establishing on the ground, in the saddle, online, and at liberty, with and without tack becomes a natural progression to becoming one with your horse

Discover the Perfect Horse - CONNECTION


Bringing about performance as a team with your horse

When brought together in appropriate ratio, the formula elements create a platform for building performance in any direction that you choose

Willing participation and being together as a team can take you forward along the path to your activity goals whether recreational or competitive

Discover the Perfect Horse - PERFORMANCE

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Articles and writings on varied topics


Following the journeys of three very different horses with different personalities and backgrounds, plus observations, overviews, and insights on various topics such as training, leadership, management, and life in general.


Understanding of true leadership that inspires, influences and draws your horse to follow rather than drives it to obedience through pressure.


Leveraging knowledge of how your body is wired and working either with you or against you, when building different skills.


Recognising the role of emotions and how to manage them to your advantage.


Developing energy that you can focus and project in a way that your horse can understand & respond to positively.


Understanding of horse and rider physiology for fitness, relaxation, and improved movement and communication.


Detailed ‘how-to’ descriptions and video explanations


Video footage purpose shot video for explanation and example, (not simply clinic recordings).


Detail discussion of the what, why, and how of demonstrated philosophies, exercises, and techniques.


Highlighting of points that need to be emphasized, including positioning, observing subtle responses, etc.


Integration of slow motion and other tools to help show what's going on.


An environment for discussion and coaching


Raise questions and receive feedback from us and others in the community.


Introduce topics for conversation with like-minded, supportive group.


A platform to share successes and challenges from your journey.


Ability to request for specific topics to be covered through articles, videos etc.

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